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Audra Provides Business Valuations and Expert Witness Testimony for Family Law and Business Litigation Cases.

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A Certified Public Accountant for Your Business Valuation

Providing business valuations for legal cases, whether it’s family law or a business litigation lawsuit, requires precision and in-depth knowledge about your case. Audra understands the sensitivity and overall nature of a legal case, so she works to contribute stellar quality business valuations.

The goal is to deliver highly substantiated business valuations from the most credible sources of information, with highly respected methods and present the information clearly. As a general rule, Audra treats everyone with a high level of respect, remains objective and is highly dedicated to her clients.



Business Valuation Services in Big Spring and Midland, TX

Business valuations can be complex. Whether you’re assessing the value of a prospective opportunity or suspicious of activity within your business, business valuations allow parties to assess the entity’s value. I provide professional business valuation services that utilize top software and a variety of calculation methodologies and robust reporting. I work with legal counsel to assist their clients entering into legal disputes. From case preparation to mediation or the courtroom, I’ll provide expert business valuation services every step of the way. Contact Audra for more information.


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Audra has served a multitude of individuals and businesses in various stages and industries, by taking charge of accounting and financial requirements. That way you can focus your energy on what matters the most.


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