We’re Serious About Your Privacy

Spyware, intrusion and identity theft are rampant these days. We safeguard your data.

Your privacy is one of our greatest concerns. With everything electronic and online these days, your personal information and privacy has never been more vulnerable to criminals. Audra Kirby, CPA LLC goes above and beyond to pay for premium security services that not only protect your data through securely encrypted connections and store it in an encrypted format, but also selectively use domestic servers which are maintained by U.S. personnel.

Audra Kirby, CPA LLC does not utilize free apps or services that are known to spy and report sensitive information to third parties. We avoid use of equipment, devices, software, platforms and services, such as Google, Google Android, Facebook, Amazon and other entities who are known to engineer and employ espionage practices for “marketing purposes”. Your data is invaluable to us and we have technologically armored our firm to the best of our ability, and as malicious practices evolve so will our information technology processes to protect you.