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Whether you’re preparing for litigation or valuating a business, Audra will have the fine details covered. Audra has a strong background in analyzing complex businesses and high-net-worth individuals, along with an aptitude for identifying and examining details. For more information on Audra’s forensic accounting approach, get in touch with her today.



Forensic Accounting Services

Audra Kirby, CPA assists litigators and other individuals with forensic accounting services to gain a clear understanding of complex financial disputes that require an expert auditor’s analyses. Audra is heavily trained in identifying suspicious financial activities. Audra can help you present a solid case with telling evidence, so get in touch today to assess your case.

An Overview of Forensic Accounting Services in Criminal Cases

Forensic accounting is a hot topic in accounting, and it can provide smoking gun evidence in legal cases involving fraudulent and criminal activity. Examples of such cases include employee theft, embezzlement, deceptive accounting practices and other misuse of financial management. Legal teams often hire highly skilled accountants to perform forensic accounting services to support legal claims in a variety of cases other than criminal claims.

Forensic Accounting Services for Civil Disputes

Family law cases regarding finances in divorce cases for wealthy individuals and estates often benefit from investigative accounting services that reveal hidden assets and other strategic methods of financial deceit. Other civil disputes, including breaches of contract, breaches of warranties and professional ethics violations can benefit greatly from enlisting the support of forensic accounting services. The results of forensic accounting practices in legal disputes often results in substantial findings ranging in the millions, depending on the case.

Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting

If you’re in the process of acquiring a business, forensic accountants can dig deeper than the top-level financial statements and that of what internal auditors generally uncover. It’s generally a wise investment to hire a forensic accountant upfront to understand the true current and future financial state of a business. Understanding findings a forensic accountant can uncover prior to an acquisition of a business are typically far more valuable than incurring the financial impact of hidden problems after an acquisition.

Audra takes a one-on-one approach to intimately understand and strategically assess the needs of each client.


Audra is a CPA licensed by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy